Investment Intellect

Deal Origination

Are you passionate about growing Africa, help us connect and fund growing SMEs across Africa for an awesome deal origination fee – earn up to US$10 250.00 in fees (this can be your start capital too). If you know of a growing SME that is looking for equity capital between $10 000.00 to $1million, refer it to us. For more download the Equities Nest Deal Origination prospectus.

Top 100 Growth Engines - Africa's SMEs

Africa is on its growth trajectory towards a $30trillion economy, on the battlefield are widespread SMEs engineering Africa’s growth daily. It’s a cause for celebration- we have taken a mammoth task to select TOP 100 SMEs from each Africa yearly. Let’s start with celebrating Zimbabwe’s Top 100 in the year 2018. If your SME operates in Zimbabwe download our application form for 2017.

Investment Modeling

An investment proposal is an important document for entrepreneurs, investors, Board of Directors, management team and other stakeholders. An investment proposal should outline all important details to reveal the value and worth of the project. We have modeled the Zimbabwean laundry bar soap industry, which should help you come up with your own investment proposals-download the Laundry Soap Investment Proposal

Africa's Market Shares

Every investment starts from the product Market Share, we have provided you with a document to assist you in determining the market size of your company’s products- this will be a good starting point. If you are keen on a particular investment case research, do not hesitate to contact us. Simply download the attached document to help grow your company.


This is a document issued by a company (entrepreneur) offering securities (equity in this case) to the potential investors – covering various aspects about the company from the management to the use of funds. The key, is to help investors make informed decision on the company offering an equity stake. We have attached a sample Prospectus to help you document your own company’s prospectus and raise money through Equities Nest. An investment summary will help you in meetings with potential investors. Simply download the attached documents.
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